A list of possible tutors.

Note: these tutors are not officially endorsed by SUMS. If you want to be added to the list, send an email to sums.mcgill@gmail.com.

Name Contact Courses Rate Group rate Other Courses
Amy Wang yahui.wang@mail.mcgill.ca MATH235, MATH254, MATH251, MATH255 $15/h $10/h
Neil Edelman neil.edelman@mail.mcgill.ca MATH111, MATH133, MATH139, MATH140, MATH223 $13/h COMP202, High School Math
Christopher Zheng chuanxi.zheng@mail.mcgill.ca MATH 133, MATH140, MATH141, MATH150, MATH151, MATH222, MATH314 $12.5/h $20/h COMP 202, COMP206, COMP250
Kabilan Sriranjan kabilan.sriranjan@mail.mcgill.ca MATH122, MATH123, MATH133, MATH139, MATH140, MATH141, MATH203, MATH222, MATH223, MATH323, MATH324, MATH423 $20/h $20/h COMP202, COMP250, COMP251, COMP330
Bilal Rizvi bilal.rizvi@mail.mcgill.ca MATH141, MATH204, MATH329 $13/h
Dan Seol yunheum.seol@mail.mcgill.ca MATH140, MATH141, MATH 133, MATH203, MATH204, MATH242, MATH243, MATH235, MATH236, MATH323, MATH324, MATH423, MATH523, MATH317, MATH240, MATH340, MATH222, MATH314, MATH248 $15/h $10/h COMP202, COMP252, R Programming, Scala Programming
Hytham Farah Hytham_Farah@hotmail.com MATH133, MATH140, MATH139, MATH123, MATH122, MATH180 $15/h $10/h PHIL210
Michael Wolman michael.wolman@mail.mcgill.ca MATH 488, MATH 456, MATH 457, MATH 318, MATH 350, MATH 235, MATH 236, MATH 251, MATH 240, MATH 254, MATH 255 $40/h Message me to discuss COMP 523, COMP 330, COMP 252, COMP 250