Accelerated B.Sc/M.Sc or B.A/M.A Streams

Deadline for application is September 15 for Winter or Summer 2014 (select Winter application form) and January 15 for the Fall semester. Applications must be done via Minerva.

Contact Spencer Keys-Schatia for more information on applications.

Description of the program

This is an option designed in the first place for students who complete an honours program in our Department, with the intention that they should be able to complete a strong masters program within one year. Students from other universities may also be eligible for such an accelerated stream (see the remark at the end of the document for further details).

This option is open to students who have taken at least 3 graduate level courses in mathematics or statistics at the 500 level as undergraduates; have clearly demonstrated their academic excellence (normally by a GPA above 3.75) have shown strong evidence of research potential (generally through their work on a summer or undergraduate research project); will enter our program with a clear plan for their master’s thesis research and a formal commitment from a faculty member to supervise and, if necessary, provide financial support.

For McGill students conditional admission to this variant of the masters programs can be given at any time after the completion of U2, but should normally be considered on entering U3 to ensure an appropriate selection of courses. Formal admission will be part of the regular admissions process to the masters’ degrees.

Students admitted to this stream of the masters programs have a course requirement of 4 (instead of 6) courses of at least 3 credits each. Together with the courses taken as undergraduates their choice of courses should cover the full syllabus for Part A of the comprehensive examinations in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or Probability & Statistics.

In order to fulfill the credit requirements for the master’s programs students will have to register for MATH 602 (Master’s Research Preparation).

To satisfy residency requirements students will have to be registered for and pay for 3 successive semesters in the masters program. In order to complete the program in 1 year, thesis work will normally be completed in the summer following the completion of their course work.

Students admitted to this accelerated stream are normally expected to complete the program within 3 successive full time terms, typically Fall, Winter and Summer. They should not count on being funded beyond that period.

Students from other Universities Students from universities other than McGill may qualify for admission to an accelerated stream governed by the same rules and criteria as outlined above. The equivalence of courses taken elsewhere to our 500 level courses will be determined by the Graduate Program Director in consultation with instructors of similar courses at McGill and will require the student to provide extensive information in the form of course descriptions, assignments and examinations.

GS/GPD April 14, 2009

Override form and additional information

Students may need an override form to accept the offer on Minerva. You can find it at service point or download it here.

For more information, consult the Faculty of Science website

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