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For information about anything related to SUMS, feel free to drop by the lounge (1B20) or e-mail the council at

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Upcoming Events

SUMS Events

SUMS will be having a welcome back mixer on the lawn in front of Burnside where free pizza and soft drinks will be served Exact date TBD.

External Events

In addition to the weekly seminars listed here, there are myriad other math-related activities throughout the city. You're all welcome and encouraged to attend them.


LaCIM (the Laboratoire de Combinatoire et d'Informatique à Montréal) has a variety of other activities planned at various times, which are listed here.


The CRM (Centre de Recherche Mathématiques) hosts a series of workshops, conferences, and seminars throughout the school year. Their events are listed here.


The ISM (Institut des Sciences Mathématiques) organizes a wide variety of events throughout the year. Their events are listed here.

Past events

Summer conferences

If you want to attend a conference during the summer (whether it be CUMC, SSC, CMS or JSM) and you are member of SUMS, you can email SUMS with your proof of registration. We will create a support group for approximately 30 students. If you are attending a conference outside of Montreal, we require that you either participate in a poster session or give a talk to be eligible for support. Further support can be obtained via SUS if you are a Science student not graduating in May.

You need to supply in the email your name, program of study and level, along with the abstract for your presentation and the proof of registration. Update: we will refund 45\$ for students attending and 60\$ for those presenting. Early bird rate extended until June 8th for the CUMC

If you are around during the summer, there are many interesting conferences that one might want to attend. First, the ISM summer school (more info to come). Next, the CUMC2013 which will be held this year at UdeM. SUMS will be putting together a fund for attendants (which could also be used for other events), via support from the Faculty of Science, the Math & Stat department, the Science Undergraduate Society and SUMS. Priority will be given to students giving talks. Other events include the SSC Annual meeting in Regina from May 26-29, the 2013 CMS Summer meeting in Halifax from June 4-7 and the Joint Statistical Meetings from August 3-8.

"Classical and Quantum Entropy" course

Pr. Jaksic will be giving a course on “Classical and Quantum Entropy” in May , addressed to undergraduates/graduate students and postdocs, Large part of the course will be accessible to U1 and U2 students. There will be two or three 2 hour lectures per week. The organizational meeting is on Wed May 1st, 2pm, BURN 1120. He will also give then the first lecture.

Helpdesk schedule for May

BH911 is open for all questions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30 to 3:30pm during May. Feel free to drop by.

Colouring via the deterministic method

Drop by SUMS today between 11h and 12h30 for our special exam time de-stress session. We will be providing crayons and paper to satisfy all of your coloring needs and in addition, pastries and tea will be served!

Clothing orders

SUMS Clothing Orders are here! Deadline for submitting orders is Monday, April 8th. Check out the catalogue.

  1. Step 1: Fill out a form online here
  2. Step 2: Pay at our office hours April 5th from 1-2 PM and April 8th from 12-1 PM in the SUMS lounge. Try on the sizes, and modify them if you so desire
  3. Step 3: Clothings should arrive in the week of Monday, April 22nd. We will email you and you can come pick-up in SUMS lounge.

Sat April 6: Women in math brunch, at 12:00.

RSVP Mathilde.

Brunch des femmes en mathématiques à 12h.

Fri April 5: Tea time in BH1B20, 1:00pm-2:00pm

L'heure du thé, au local de l'asso étudiante, 13h-14h

Thur March 28: $\LaTeX$pert tutorial

The tutorial will take place in BH1214, from 11:30 to 1:00pm.

Follow-up of last tutorial which will focus on advanced material. Topics will include: formatting equations, references, labels and tags, new commands, operators, bibliography (standard and BibTex), the TikZ package and figure environment, index and table of contents, mathtool package, theorems and sections, building a title page, enumerate and itemize (with options), tabularx, hyperlinks and xcolor, geometry, verbments packages, footnote, header and footers, verbatim. If times permit: integration of plots from R using knitr and tikz. All are welcome. Juice and cookies will be served. Slides or notes will be provided after the tutorial on the website.

Tutoriel avancé $\LaTeX$pert: au BH1214, de 11h30 à 13h.

Wed March 27: SUMS speakers series with Henri Darmon

SUMS speakers series with Henri Darmon, BH1214 at 12h. Topic will be “The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture”

The celebrated Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture predicts a striking connection between the behaviour of the rational and mod $p$ solutions to certain cubic equations in two variables, known as elliptic curves. As one of the Clay Institute's seven Millennium Prize Problems, its solution carries a million dollar reward. This talk will strive to explain the conjecture to the educated layperson (so no number theory background will be assumed!), and to convey a feeling for why it is viewed as such an important question in mathematics.

Conférences de SUMS: Henri Darmon donnera un exposé sur la théorie des nombres, au BH1214 à 12h.

Frid March 22: Tea time

Tea time from 1pm to 2pm in SUMS lounge. Bring your mug

L'heure du thé au local de l'asso, de 13h à 14h. Apportez votre tasse

Thur March 21: Movie night

Movie night, 6pm, BH1B20. Also at the same time “A Beautiful Mind” (2001) at 6:30 in Room 217, Otto Maass Chemistry Building

Soirée film, 18h, BH1B20. Également le 21 mars le film «Un homme d'exception» (version anglaise) à 18h30 au local 217 du pavillon de chimie Otto Maass

Mon March 18: ISM Undergraduate Summer Scholarships applications due

ISM Undergraduate Summer Scholarships applications due - bring applications to Alexandra Haedrich at the ISM offices, in President-Kennedy building, UQAM

Date limite pour les applications aux Bourse d'été de premier cycle de l'ISM. Apporter votre dossier à Alexandra Haedrich aux bureaux de l'ISM, au pavillon Président-Kennedy à l'UQAM.

Frid March 15: Awkward Semi-Formal

SUMS Elections voting period ends at 6pm & Awkward semi takes place Friday from 9pm to Saturday 3 am at Espace des Arts (sold out)

Fin de la période de votation à 18h. L'Awkward Mixer se déroule à l'Espace des Arts de 21h à 3h (complet).

Thur March 14: $\Pi$ day

$\Pi$ day! at 1:59pm, there will be pie in the lounge (BH1B20). Please join us for some chatting and tea in the afternoon.

La journée $\Pi$! à 1:59pm, il y aura de la tarte au local de l'association (BH1B20). Joignez vous au conseil pour une pointe et du thé en après-midi. Des stations de vote seront en place pour vous permettre de choisir vos représentants.

Wed March 13: SUMS Elections

Voting period begins at 6pm. Online vote; check your emails for your ballot. The list of candidates is online on SUMS website in the About us section

Début de la période de votation pour les élections du conseil de SUMS à 18h: vérifiez vos courriels, le bulletin de vote sera envoyé à partir de la plateforme de EUS. La liste complète des candidats est disponible dans la section À propos

Summer research awards – NSERC USRA 2013

The NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) in Universities program is meant to stimulate interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering, and the pursuit of research careers in these fields. Recipients engage in a research and development activity under the supervision of a professor holding an NSERC grant. It is an opportunity to gain research experience in an academic setting, while receiving financial support for summer 2013.

To find out more about this program, including application forms and procedures, please start at:

Each Faculty of Science unit (school or department) has a quota of available awards, and has its own selection process and deadlines. Apply through the academic unit where you wish to hold your award (i.e., your proposed supervisor's school or department, not necessarily your own unit). See the aforementioned webpage for contacts in each unit and deadline information.

Submission Deadline to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for NSERC USRA 2013: Friday February 22, 2013 by 4:00 p.m. Contact Person: Angela White

It's Tea time on Friday!

Come by the SUMS lounge at Friday, February 15th tomorrow for our inaugural tea time. Expect tea, biscuits and fine company. The nomination period for next year's SUMS council is now open. Check out (under “About Us”) for a list of positions + more information in the coming weeks, and, if you'd like to nominate yourself, email with your full name, a short (200 words max) blurb and optional photo for us to put on the website.

The Mathematics of Light and Sound

THE MATHEMATICS OF LIGHT AND SOUND This conference given by Nilima Nigam of Simon Fraser University will take place this Friday, February 15th at the University of Montréal. Check out for more information or read on: Our perception of sound and light informs much of how we experience the world. We see glorious rainbows and hear the summertime chirp of crickets; we wonder about invisibility cloaks and the twinkling of distant stars.Our fascination with light and sound has informed much intellectual and scientific thought. The ancient Greeks noticed the interplay between overtones and musical notes; Euler and Newton thought about the very nature of light.

The Inaugural Statistical Society of Canada Student Conference

This student-led conference, which will take place Saturday, May 25th at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students to participate in workshops and contributed sessions on professional skill development, careers in industry and academia, and research presentations. Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal of the Department of Statistics at the University of Toronto, a leading Canadian researcher, teacher, author, and an engaging speaker, will give the keynote address. Abstract submission for the conference is currently open! You can submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations. Please see the conference website ( for more details regarding abstract submission. Deadline for abstract submission is February 28th, 2013. Registration is through the main SSC registration form (you can choose to sign up for the main SSC meeting, just the student meeting, or both): The student conference registration fee is $50. The deadline to register is May 7th, 2013. For more details, visit or email Mireille Schnitzer, chair of the student organizing committee.

SUMS film series: Darren Aronofsky's PI

On February 7th at 6:00pm, SUMS is hosting a movie night! We'll be projecting Pi, the first film by the acclaimed director of Black Swan, in the lounge (Burnside basement). Some sort of snack should be avaible along with the company of your oh-so-cultured peers.

SUMS speaker series (3) - Pr. Jean-Christophe NAVE

The legend continues on January 30th at 12:00pm in BURN 1214. Prof. Nave dishes on numerical PDEs and fluid modeling with juice and cookies provided.

Open discussion - Women in math

Open Discussion regarding Women in Undergraduate Mathematics Tuesday, January 29th, 4:00 pm, BURN 1205

SUMS is hosting an open discussion in order to assess the place of women in mathematics at McGill. We would like to discuss current issues, such as the lack of female professors (currently there is only one), and the scarcity of female graduates from the mathematics program. We would in particular like to offer some ideas for solutions to the department. During the discussion we will formulate a letter to the department. Later, SUMS will meet with the department and offer these solutions.

All math students current and former are welcome. Cookies and juice will be served.

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