SUMS Council Initiatives


SUMS works hard to organize events semester-round to connect students in math and stats with other students and faculty in STEM, such as our Awkward Mixer and Wine and Cheese.

Women in Math

SUMS is trying to help eliminate the gender gap in math and stats. We are partnering with several other clubs to host a Women in STEM event this semester.


SUMS is here to promote a sense of community for math and stats students. We have SUMS hoodie orders every semester, hold Bagel Fridays in the SUMS lounge, and sell lockers at the begining of the year!


Struggling in a class? SUMS is there for you by connecting you with a group of excellent tutors for various math and stats classes.

Council Members

Check out who's representing you :)
Tiziana de Thomas
Chloé Pierret
Vice-President, Social
Katarina Majetić
Vice-President, External (Science)
Marie Leech
Vice-President, External (Arts)
Joelle Azouri
Vice-President, Finance
Pavel Kondratyev
Vice-President, Communications
Michael Wolman
Vice-President, Academic
Augustin Baudoin
Honours Representative
Jean Djamen
Majors Representative
Ilya Gromikov
Minors Representative
Dana El-Ramahi
U1 Representative
Adam Wertheimer
SUMS Lounge Administrator